Farmer Pete's healthy pocket pet Thursday Tempter biscuits.
Farmer Pete's Thursday Tempter biscuits made from fresh Australian ingredients. Only the best for your pocket pets.
Delicious Thursday Tempter biscuits for rabbits and Guinea pigs. Australian made by Farmer Pete's.

Thursday Tempters 15pc

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It's almost Friday!

A mixture of fruit, vegetables and flowers. Perfect combination to help get through to Friday. When we leave our pets behind when we go out, Thursday Tempters are a perfect way to say I'm sorry and it's almost Friday. Your little honey's will be thanking and forgiving you at the same time!!
No Preservatives
No Added Sugars or Salts
No Colours
No Nuts or Seeds
Only Goodness!
As a guide, we recommend 1 piece per day along side a healthy balanced diet. Store in a cool, dry place. It's Almost Friday!
Ingredients: Pumpkin, Celery, Mulberries, Dandelion, Oaten Hay, Pellets
Best Before: 6 months

Customer Reviews

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Fiona W
My bunny loves them

I bought these to use as a treat for my bunny. I break them up and hide them in stacking cups and her ball pit. Works wonders for enrichment and treats.