Rainbow Chaff Chaff Sprinkles by Farmer Pete's (Australian Made)
Farmer Pete's Rainbow Chaff Sprinkles.
Large mixture of chaff sprinkles, Rainbow Chaff sprinkles packed with flavour for fussy rabbits and guinea pigs.

Rainbow Chaff

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Rainbow Chaff Chaff Sprinkles

As requested, we are now making a WHOPPING big bag of Rainbow Chaff. This chaff is a mixture of all our flavours put into a big convenient sized bag!

Perfect for feeding lots of fluff balls or those that like buying in bulk.

If you can’t decide on a flavour this is the bag for you.

Have them all!! 

Best Before: 6 months 

Pocket pets who'll love these chaff sprinkles include; ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits and rats.

Shop our entire chaff pet sprinkles range for your Rabbit or Guinea Pig

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Jennifer Bray
Exciting Munchies

The rainbow chaff is a definite favourite of Popsy. She just has to have one sniff of the chaff in her hay and she is foraging like no tomorrow.