Roo Lucky Dip

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Kangaroo (Roo) Lucky Dip Mix Dog Treat

Not sure what Kangaroo treat to shower your pet with? Why not all?
Farmer Pete’s Roo Lucky Dip includes a selection of the best Kangaroo Liver, Heart, Kidney, Lung Puffs, and Roo Jerky, which creates our Roo Meaty Bites.

  • 100% Australian made with no extras.
  • Perfect for bite size training treats or a quick snack for any size dog.
  • Treats contain no preservatives or additives, just natural meat.
  • All Kangaroo Products contain a high amount of omega 3, Zinc, Iron, and vitamin B12 which are great for growing bones and keeping on top of a healthy immune system.
  • With incredibly low-fat content, you do not need to worry about feeding your pooch too many!


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