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Beef Pizzle / Bully Sticks (Thin & Short)

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  • The Beef Pizzle Thin (Long) dog treats (otherwise known as bully sticks) are made from all-natural, Australian beef. Perfect for larger dogs with strong jaws.
  • The ‘go to’ dog treat for the small to medium chewers.
  • The bulk bully sticks come full size meaning that they can be anywhere between 15-20 cm in length.
  • 100% Australian beef product, and 100% natural!
  • What is Beef Pizzle for dogs? And why Long and Thin. Often called Bully sticks, these are steer’s penis! In comparison to our Thick Beef Pizzle (which is Bull), these are 100% Australian Steer’s Penis which are thinner in size.
  • Beef pizzles/ bully sticks main uses are as a chewy preoccupation and nutritional aid. 
  • With very little fat, they will help to keep your dog fit and lean, while the high level of protein will keep them strong and aid in muscle development.
  • They are rich in protein and low in fat for a lean, delicious dental treat. They’re also a great dental aid and support healthy gums and teeth keeping your dog’s mouth extra clean.
  • 100% safe for dogs to consume.
  • Most vary from approximately 15-20 cm long and vary in thickness, though some can be larger or smaller than this. These are the general sizes for this pizzle. Please keep in mind that length, size and colour can vary depending on the size and breed of the animal.
  • If these are out of stock – we recommend trying Kangaroo Tail Chunks!