Lady and poodle looking like the same personality type

No wonder dogs are man's best friend. A study finds that dogs and their owners often develop similar personalities. You may have heard that dogs and their owners really do...

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Rabbit eating

Hay – The Most Important Part Of Your Rabbit’s Diet!

One of the most important parts of your rabbit's diet is hay. A reliable source of hay is essential to a happy healthy rabbit. You...

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Guinea Pig and Rabbit living together
Guinea Pigs Rabbits

Are Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Not the Best of Friends?

    Should Guinea Pigs and Rabbits live together? Generally speaking, these creatures should get along well together under tight supervision and in short bursts...

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Rabbit eating a dried fruit treats
Guinea Pigs Rabbits

What Can Rabbits Chew On? Dried Fruit is a Great Choice!

If you have a bunny, you may be wondering, what can my pet rabbit chew on? Dried fruit is a great choice! However, you should...

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