Rabbit eating a dried fruit treats

What Can Rabbits Chew On? Dried Fruit is a Great Choice!

If you have a bunny, you may be wondering, what can my pet rabbit chew on? Dried fruit is a great choice! However, you should make sure that you avoid giving your pet any object that is not intended for rabbits. Non-specific objects can cause harm and require emergency trips to the vet. Rather than spending money on an expensive vet bill, you can buy treats that your rabbit will enjoy.

Rabbit eating a dried fruit treat

Dried fruits are a more nutritious snack and can be found at your local grocery store.  Dried fruit is a natural alternative to wood. However, you should make sure that you check the ingredients, as many packaged dried fruits intended for humans contain added sugar. This is bad for your rabbit's health, so always purchase dried fruit that is unsweetened and 100% natural like Farmer Pete's Rabbit treats.

By contrary beliefs rabbits need to eat more than just carrots. They require a well-balanced diet of pellets, hay, fruits, and vegetables. By using dried fruit, you can provide your rabbit with a variety of chewing options and give your bunny a healthy diet.

Safe Fruits for Rabbits To Chew On:


Try experimenting with different types of dried treats to find your bunny's favourite. If you want to prevent your rabbit from destructive chewing, make sure you offer a variety of chew toys as well. By doing this, you'll prevent your rabbit from developing dental problems. Below are some Farmer Pete’s 100 % All-Natural Handmade Guinea Pig and Rabbit dried fruit treats.


7 Dried Fruit Rabbit Chew Ideas Bunnies Will Love To Eat!


Can rabbits eat strawberries

Dried strawberries are a terrific treat for your fluffy companion because they are high in vitamin C. Stressed rabbits can benefit from vitamin C. Strawberries that have been dehydrated (dried) are a vivid red color and have a strong scent making them attractive to rabbits. If you find your rabbit stressed from being hot then toss him one of these vibrant treats.

Summer Fruits

Summer fruit includes Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, and Watermelon. This mix is a great way to give your rabbit some variety. Pineapple is a great way to help keep your pet’s digestive system healthy. Papaya contains enzymes that help break down foods that could clump which reduces the risk of a hairball.

Can rabbits eat apples

Yes! Apples are Safe for Rabbits. Our Apple Duo treats are a combination of Granny Smith Apples and Pink Lady Apples. Apples, especially the skin, are rich in nutritional fibers that can help rabbits’ digestive systems, however, be sure not to feed them too much apple because this can cause them to become a bit gassy. It is recommended no more than 1 piece per day along with a healthy balanced diet.

Can rabbits eat blueberries

In moderation, blueberries are a delightful and beneficial treat for little pets. They contain a lot of antioxidants, which help stop the growth of scurvy. Blueberries contain antioxidants that help with high blood pressure, inflammation, cancer, and diabetes. The dietary fiber in blueberries keeps things moving along and encourages the growth of healthy microorganisms. Blueberries are high in sugar so be sure to only feed them as a snack once or twice per week at maximum.


This bright green treat is full of benefits for your rabbit and other small pets. The digestive tract is not negatively affected by kiwi making this the perfect treat for rewards or training. Rabbits love to eat kiwi. Kiwi contains beta-carotene that helps to prevent age-related blindness. Kiwi is also rich in potassium which can help protect from muscle mass loss reducing the risk of death from heart diseases.

Autumn Delights Chaff

Are you looking for the perfect hay treat for your rabbit? Look no further! Autumn Delight is a lovely marriage of savoury and sweet flavours your rabbit will be sure to love. Ingredients include Pear, Strawberry, Parsley & Oaten Hay.

Can rabbits eat mulberries

Mulberries are a seasonal fruit, thus when they are not in season, they may be unavailable. Mulberries improve overall health and immune system performance while preventing heart disease and free radical damage. Rabbits can also eat mulberry leaves. Mulberry leaves can support food intake as well as digestibility.

Why To Choose All-Natural Handmade Rabbit Pet Treats?

  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Colours
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Added Salts
  • No Binders
  • No Chemicals
  • No Additives
  • Rabbit Feedings

Correct rabbit feeding is essential for their general health and happiness. How much dried fruit is too much? As a general rule, limit your pet's daily fruit intake to no more than 1 tablespoon, or the length of your thumb. Dried fruits should be used as a treat. Daily servings of appropriate vegetables and herbs can account for 10% of the rabbit's daily dietary allotment. When introducing new foods to rabbits be sure to only give small portions and introduce only one new food at a time.


Tips to look for when buying The Best Rabbit Chews

Only use 100% all-natural dried fruits, and try to get locally sourced fruits.
Make sure there is no sugar added.
Slowly introduce new fruits in small amounts.
Follow all suggested serving instructions.
If your rabbit appears sick from the fruit, take them to the vet right away!


What Chews Not to Feed Your Pet Rabbit!


Rabbits eating dried friuts and vegetables


It can be extremely difficult to resist the urge to share some of your dinner with your pet, but none of the foods on the above list should ever be given to your rabbit. Fortunately, you may feed your rabbit a variety of greens, fruits, and vegetables that are acceptable for rabbits and will ensure that you're giving it the best diet you can in terms of nutrients.

When it comes to rabbit treats, dried fruit is a healthy option compared to others. Giving treats to your rabbit can be an enjoyable bonding experience for most pet owners. Rabbits love fruit, and they'll often only eat them at certain times of the year. Most pet owners consider fruits as the "candy" of rabbits. However, they're healthier than commercial pet snacks. Just be sure to stick to the suggested servings and your rabbit will love the new treats.

If you have any more questions about dried fruit as rabbit treats feel free to reach out and ask, we would love to hear from you.

Dried Fruits and Vegetables Rabbit Food Treats We Recommend


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