Veggie Patch Chaff Sprinkles by Farmer Pete's (Australian Made)
Farmer Pete's Veggie Patch Chaff Sprinkles for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.
Veggie Patch Chaff Sprinkles for fussy eaters, made from fresh Australian produce.

Veggie Patch

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Veggie Patch Chaff Sprinkles

Green is clean. A delicious savory treat to spruce up your bunnies diet. Something to entice them to eat that all important hay. 
As a guide we recommend sprinkling some chaff over hay to encourage fussy eaters. 
Ingredients: Kale, Spinach, Banana & Oaten Hay
Best Before: 6 months
Pocket pets who'll love these chaff sprinkles include; ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits and rats.

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Customer Reviews

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Fiona W
a little extra taste

I sprinkle these chaff pieces in my bunnies hay bag for extra flavour to entice her to eat more, it works.