Small puppy eating beef pizzle

Chew On This: All-Natural Beef Pizzle For Your Puppies Pleasure!

For families looking for a safe treat for their dogs to enjoy, Farmer Pete’s Beef Pizzle is a great option. A chew that is made from beef and contains only one ingredient, the beef pizzle offers many benefits to its dogs of all sizes and shapes, and they LOVE them! 

The hard texture of the chew assists with maintaining good oral health by assisting with cleaning the teeth and preventing tartar accumulation. The meat itself boosts overall coat health and also encourages strong and healthy muscles and excellent brain functionality.

But just what is a beef pizzle, and why should I give it to my dog?

dog chewing on beef pizzle

What is a Beef Pizzle Made Of?

A beef pizzle is a dog chew comprised of only one ingredient: dehydrated bull penis. Available in several sizes starting, short or long, thin or fat, no too Pizzle’s are the same, there is a beef pizzle in the perfect size for any dog.

Beef pizzle’s are also commonly referred to as bully sticks. They are deemed to be completely safe for dogs to consume and are easy on their digestive system, making this treat a great choice for any size dog. Available in several different forms, the most commonly seen beef pizzle’s (Bully sticks) resemble a long, straight stick, or bent in half. They are typically long and thin and have a texture that is tough and chewy, making them a popular treat for dogs.

What are some of the Advantages of Giving Dogs Beef Pizzle’s?

Beef pizzle’s, by nature, are long-lasting chews, meaning they keep dogs happy and occupied for a lengthy period of time. For dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, boredom, or other such issues, beef pizzle’s can be a great tool to help reduce stress in the dog.

Beef Pizzle’s are a good option for dogs who love to chew, as they can help satisfy their natural chewing instincts and provide mental stimulation. They are also a good source of protein and can help promote healthy teeth and gums.

Beef pizzle’s, or bully sticks, are also an excellent treat for puppies to enjoy, particularly when they are teething. Since the pieces break down easily with chewing, there are no sharp shards that could cause a blockage or rupture if swallowed. In addition to this, beef pizzle’s keep a puppy’s jaws productively engaged, thus providing protection for other household items such as clothing, shoes, and furniture.

How is Beef Pizzle Made?

Beef pizzle’s are dehydrated for 48-72 hours depending on size to ensure less than 5% moisture is remaining in the product to safeguard that they are both shelf stable and safe for dogs to consume.

What is Beef Pizzle’s Like to Eat?

Not that I have personally tasted one but from information sourced beef pizzle’s are quite similar to other all natural dog treats in that they have their own unique smell. Most dogs love their aroma, and most owners do not. Some companies do produce a bully stick that is less fragrant which I would steer clear from as it would include some for of preservative or chemical. 

So, if you want the best for your dog either, get someone else to feed them to your pooch, block your nose, or just get used to it. We at farmer Pete’s have surrendered to the third option.

Are Beef Pizzle’s a Safe Alternative to Commercially made Rawhides? How are They Different?

Absolutely! There is no question that beef pizzle’s are a much safer alternative to commercially manufactured rawhides (The bone shape white ones, seen in pet shops and supermarkets). Since bully sticks are an all-natural product, there is no concern about filler ingredients or any chemical additives that are harmful to dogs. In addition to this, beef pizzle’s break down very easily when chewed. This is not the case with commercially manufactured rawhide. Since this rawhide is very difficult for dogs to digest, it can lead to swelling in the stomach, a condition that is painful and can be fatal for dogs.

Unlike rawhide that sticks to a dog’s teeth, beef pizzle’s are very crisp and help to remove plaque and tartar from a dog’s teeth. As an added bonus, this treat is low in fat, making it a great chew for dogs that struggle with maintaining a healthy body weight.

Note: Not to confuse commercially manufactured rawhide with Farmer Pete’s 100% natural Beef Skin with fur on, which is a great chew and safe for all dogs.

What Kind of Dogs Are Beef Pizzle’s Best For?

Beef pizzle’s are a great treat for dogs of all ages including seniors and puppies.  They are the ideal choice for dogs facing the following situations:

  • Dogs that are underweight, overweight, or at a healthy weight
  • Dogs that are persistent, hardy chewers
  • Dogs that are not sensitive or allergic to beef
  • Dogs that need assistance with maintaining good oral health
  • Dogs that love rawhides
  • Dogs that do not have dental problems that are irritated by chewing
  • Dogs that love to chew
Small puppy eating beef pizzle

How Long will a Beef Pizzle Last?

The longevity of a beef pizzle depends on what type of chewer the dog is. Some dogs will chew their beef pizzle until it is completely gone, refusing to put it aside even for a meal, a walk, or a game of ball. 

Other dogs may tire of enjoying their treat and wish to save it to chomp on further at a later date.Here are some basic rules of thumb to help beef pizzle’s last:

  • Select a beef pizzle appropriate for the dog’s size and chewing strength
  • Hold the stick while the dog chews to slow down his chewing efforts

Can Beef Pizzle Be Hurmful a Dog?

Generally speaking, it is highly unlikely that a beef pizzle will hurt a dog. However, it is still recommended that owners provide careful supervision while their dog enjoys a chew, natural or otherwise. When a beef pizzle becomes small enough to swallow, it is possible that the dog may inhale it, creating a choking hazard. The best way to prevent this is to carefully watch the dog while he is enjoying his treat as well as to select a beef pizzle of the correct size for the dog.

Digestibility: While beef pizzle’s are generally considered safe and digestible for dogs, some dogs may experience digestive issues after consuming them. If your dog experiences vomiting, diarrhea, or other symptoms after eating a beef pizzle, stop giving them this treat and consult with your veterinarian.

Alternatives: If you are concerned about the safety or digestibility of beef pizzle, there are plenty of other types of chews and treats from Farmer Pete’s that you can offer your dog, such as beef skin (fur on), dental chews, or. Just make sure to choose products that are appropriate for your dog's size and chewing habits.

Can Dogs Gain Weight from Beef Pizzle?

Beef pizzle’s are a low-fat treat, making them an excellent choice for dogs that need to lose some weight or that require help to maintain a healthy body condition. However, beef pizzle’s are high in calories, so it is recommended that they are given as an occasional treat only.

Can Beef Pizzle Carry Harmful Bacteria?

It is possible that beef pizzle’s may become contaminated by harmful bacteria; however, this is the exception and not the norm. In addition to this, a dog’s intestinal tract is much stronger than that of human beings and is capable of fighting off more bacteria than we ourselves can. Even if some bacteria are present on the beef pizzle, it is highly unlikely it will cause any harm to the dog.

Many owners wonder if beef pizzle’s can carry bacteria if they can become ill by handling the treat themselves. This too is highly unlikely. Some bacteria that may affect dogs does not cause any problem for human beings. For the utmost in safety precautions, it is recommended that owners wash their hands well after handling any dog treats or chews.

Dog eating beef pizzle

Choosing Australian Beef Pizzle For Your Small Dog

When choosing beef pizzle’s for your dog, look for high-quality, natural products that are free from additives and preservatives, such as Farmer Pete’s Beef Pizzle’s.  It is also important to choose an appropriate size bully stick for your dog to prevent choking or digestive issues.

Thinking your beloved pooch could use a new treat? Consider picking up a farmer Pete’s beef pizzle pack. Your best canine pal will thank you for it!

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