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Pork Puff Sheets

Pork Puff Sheets

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  • Pork Puffs Sheets are 100% Australian Pork lung.
  • With no additives, no preservatives and no added sugar. These make a great quick snack dog treat as they are light, low in fat and in small bite sized pieces. Perfect for training!
  • They are puffed with air meaning they won’t be so heavy in your dog’s stomach or cause any upset. 

  • The Puff Sheets are a sheet-like version of our Puffs. Where the puffs are manually chopped up into smaller bite-sized pieces, the crumble is left as a light sheet making it easy to break up into any sized piece. 

  • These larger sheet size treats are good for medium to large dogs. They take a little longer to eat. Pork Puff sheets are very light and crunchy and are a, fun and healthy dog treat!
  • Great for training sessions as you can give them many.
  • They are lower in fat than chunkier liver treats.
  • Great for use as a quick crunchy snack or training and high in protein.