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Chicken Jerky treats for Dogs

Chicken Jerky

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The Best Chicken Jerky Pet Treat for your Dogs Health

Chicken Jerky is the perfect way to give your dog a quick boost of energy. These lean, protein-rich treats are ideal for puppies or older dogs who need an extra pick-me-up. Chicken Jerky makes a great training treat, too – your pup will be motivated to learn new tricks in no time!

Looking for a lean and healthy pet treat for your pooch? Look no further than Chicken Jerky! This high-protein snack is perfect for giving your pup an extra energy boost without loading them up on calories. And because it's made with real chicken, it's guaranteed to keep your dog happy and healthy. So why wait? Grab a bag of Chicken Jerky today!


All Natural 100% Homemade Australian Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

100% All-natural Chicken Breast – Please note these are not the soft chicken pieces. The softer products are soaked in Glycerine (preservative E422) before being dried which acts as a preservative, sweetener, and softener.

This is a fantastic quality Australian chicken breast product sourced locally. It is the perfect treat for rewarding your furry friend. They are rich in protein, and low in fat, and will help keep your dog strong. The chicken breast fillet treats are thinly pressed and easy to break up – making them an ideal reward for dogs of all sizes. Plus, cats love them too!


Farmer Pete’s Dried Chicken Jerky is a dog safe training treat

Farmer Pete’s chicken breasts contains no preservatives, additives, or sweeteners. Therefore, these fillets are harder and dryer slices of whole breast tenders. This is all-natural. It is not marinated in a glycerine gel solution before being dehydrated to keep a higher water content.

Chicken Breast Jerky can have a very strong smell, dogs and cats love it! The smell comes from concentrated nutrients after dehydration.


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Urunga vet clinic

Chicken Jerky

matthew vallance
Chicken Jerky

A really wonderful product, my dogs favourite treat 🍗
Good value and fast prompt service

Bhakti Manning
Thanks for a great product

I get a range of treats from Farmer Pete's for my little dog - but the chicken jerky is extra special because my cat loves it too. With the help of your training treats my dog will now pee and poo on demand which is great with all the wet weather we are having.

Randy Cheffirs
Great for your dog

Bailey loves the chicken 👏👏👏