Roo Meaty Bites

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Kangaroo (Roo) Meaty Bites Pet Treats

Made from 100% all-Australian only kangaroo meat, they contain no colours, preservatives or other harmful additives. The Kangaroo Jerky Cubes are a quick, easy, healthy and delicious treat for your much-loved pet.

  • The perfect size for training treats, they are small and easy to handle so no need to break them up.
  • Kangaroo meat is highly nutritious, as it is rich in Omega 3s and zinc, and is one of the leanest red meat proteins.
  • All Kangaroo Products also contain Vitamin B12 which are great for growing bones and keeping on top of a healthy immune system.
  • With incredibly low-fat content, you don’t need to worry about feeding your pooch too many!

Lab approved by our Halo (our own Golden Labrador)

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