What is an entertainer?

Exactly as the title suggests. Entertainers are treats that take your pet a long time to consume and will keep them interested during the process, entertaining your pooch for a period of time and not causing trouble. 

Type of entertainers

Entertainers can come in all shapes and sizes. Entertainers could be long lasting chews or smaller treats. Entertainers such as Roo Jerky Bites are great to place inside dispenser toys (e.g. Kong), Interactive toys, Scavenger mats, and Puzzle toys for any size dogs to keep them free from boredom for a very long time. Other entertainers include a variety of tough dog treats that are a ‘Long Chewing’ dog treat, keeping any size dog interested, engaged and entertained for periods of time.

All Farmer Pete's entertainer treats are 100% Australian made from locally and sustainably sourced meat and animal offal. Our meat jerky treats are a favourite among many dog owners for good reason. These treats clean teeth and are the highest quality meat proteins available for your dog. Kangaroo and Beef Jerky’s are the single ingredient MEAT JERKY ‘go to’ for dog teeth cleaning.